This year in Jezera, Island Murter 

"BIG GAME FISHING COMPETITION Jezera           from 16.08. till 19.08.2023.


CIMG0597 SmallBig game fishing is fishing techniques aimed at catching large fish, mostly the blue-fin tuna, the swordfish and sharks .

Since 1999. Big Game Fishing competition is organized in Jezera – Island Murter. Co-organizer and inciatives of this competition is the Sport-Fishing organization from Jezera „PUNTA RATA“. Big Game Fishing is held under strict regulations by the International Fish Association (IGFA). Punta Rata is the only organization in Croatia that organizes a Big Game Fishing contest. And is the only Croatia club with a membership in the International Fish Accociation (IGFA), which allows the winner a qualification for IGFA Championship. This tournament in Jezera entered in the 165 qualifying events under the patronage of the IGFA association around the world. „Punta Rata“ organizing other events in the sport fishing and also engaged in education of young people on this type of sport.

Big game fishing techniques The different techniques can be combined to maximize your chances of hooking the big one!

Techniques include trolling artificial and natural baits, and chumming from a stationary or drifting boat. Trolling is a method of big game fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn slowly through the water, behind the boat. Trolling is the most popular and effective way to find and hook most types of big game fish and it is most effective with live bait. The type of bait will depend largely on which type of fish you are hoping to hook. If live bait is unavailable, we will use a lure designed to resemble live bait.62

Drifting , Chumming, or chunking, is the process of throwing pieces of bait fish overboard to attract larger game fish. Chumming works best with highly predatory big game fish like sharks, but will produce results for most species of big game fish.

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