Bluefin tuna is possible to catch in this area for whole year. In Mediteran it´s also well know as Red tuna with avarage weight from 50 till 70 kg, but there is also exampels from 100 till 300 kg. In Mediteran  the largest so far caught is with 600 kg, in Atlantic with Tona, and record in Adriatic see is 475 kg. It is important to mentioned that the fishing seasons mostly depend on the sea temperature, the concetrate of small blue fish and the salinity.

The best time for hunting

19In Spring time ( March and April) is the time when Little tunnies are coming. They are moving in the shoals, avarage weight  is 10 till 15 kg. Little tunnies is very interesting fish, it is very careful fish and required a lot of effort to bite the hook. 

July  is ideal time for hunting a BLUEFIN TUNA with drifting tehnique. 65

August is time for fishing bluefin tunas, swordfish but also sharks. Sharks are lovers of good beit and warm see.

Albacore tunas are coming half of august and they are staying on this area till October. They are also moving in shoals , with avarage weight from 10 till 18 kg. Albacore is very sport fish like Blufin tuna they doesn´t have any fear, and the best way for hunting them is with tehnique Troling.

It´s everyone´s dream to catch a large fish, but big game fishing is unpredictabel until the last minute. You need to have patience and be ready for action ! The final results depend on the whole team. The richest area for big game fishing is open sea near the island of Blitvenica and the Kornati islands.




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