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Apartments ANKA K.3.1

Apartments ANKA K.3.1

Distance to the sea: 500m
Distance to the center: 500m
Number of persons: 4
0,00 € /per night
Apartment Klaudija

Apartment Klaudija

Distance to the sea:
Distance to the center: 80 m
Number of persons: 6
0,00 € /per night
Apartman MeMica

Apartman MeMica

Distance to the sea: 600 m (approx)
Distance to the center: 500 m
Number of persons: 5
0,00 € /per night
Apartment J.C.2.2

Apartment J.C.2.2

Distance to the sea: 80m
Distance to the center: 80m
Number of persons: 4
0,00 € /per night
Apartment D. in Jezera, Murter

Apartment D. in Jezera, Murter

Distance to the sea: 100 m
Distance to the center: 250m
Number of persons: 4
0,00 € /per night
Apartement with swimming pool RED

Apartement with swimming pool RED

Distance to the sea: 400 m
Distance to the center: 400 m
Number of persons: 4
0,00 € /per night

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Why choose Travel Agency BISAGE JEZERA service?

Travel Agency BISAGA JEZERA in village Jezera at Murter offers you good services in renting private accommodation, apartments, home holidays in Jezera , Tisno, Betina, Murter and the Kornati Islands. During your stay at Island Murter, Travel Agency BISAGE, JEZERA will organize for you various trips, like boat tour, jetski tour and other tours, all to make your stay here better. 


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Get advice from Travel Agency Bisage Jezera during your stay at Island Murter. Let us help you to find nice accommodation, Apartment, House or mobile home in Jezera, Tisno, Betina or Murter. Take some of our trips like boat tours or jetski tours, Kornati excursions, or fishing excursion something that will make your stay here better. 


 TRAVEL AGENCY BISAGE is going to give you all the necessary information and how to safely travel to us.


1. For crossing Croatian border fill the form on Enter Croatia site of Croatian Border Police with all your travel info -  one per family traveling to the same destination 



2. Travel agency Bisage is going to send you a RESERVATION CONFIRMATION VOUCHER. If you're still waiting for one contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 2. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE SURE that you have everything for a safe trip.

FOR all EU citizen there is an information site on all languages  where you will get fresh and useful information about the country which are you planning to visit .


3. If you are flying to Croatia check lates IATA travel update for CROATIA to help you board the plane



Stay healty , stay safe.

your Travel Agency Bisage team 



wine3In the small Dalmatian village only 40 min driving from Island Murter and Jezera,  right in the hinterland of Krka National Park, you will fined familyes who is making wine for generations.

This cherished winemaking tradition has been handed here down from generation to generation.

We invite you to take  Wine tour and spend a relaxing day in one of the family winery.

We are offering wine tasting with food pairing.winetour1

You can purchase  wines for your Croatian memory and you can taste home made food products all locally growned ; Olive oil, cured meats, dried fruits.

Don't miss this special expiriences and take one of our Wines & Bites tour!

Choose  Classic wine taste tour or Special wines taste tour.

CLASSIC WINE TOUR is included, tasting wines, Likoer, and Snacks and it takes from 1 Hour till 1 and Half Hour.

 till 9 Person  300 HRK / Person  
 from 10 till 19 Person  280 HRK / Person  
 from 20 Person  260 HRK / Person

SPECIAL WINE TASTE TOUR  includes visting vinyard, tasting 5 sort of wines , 2 Likoer, snacks and it takes 2,5 hours.

 till 9 Person  450 HRK / Person
 from 10 till 19 Person  430 HRK / Person 
 from 20 Person  400 HRK / Person

Presenters are professional enologist who will give you an informative tour through wines, grapes, and vineyards, as well as the influence of the microclimate and the character of the region.

Our Wine tour is custom made, can be also with Transfer till there and back or without, with or without a licensed guide on your language, with lunch in concept Restaurant traditional Dalmatian Konoba. Everything it is your choice you choose what fit you better, for more details and reservation don't hesitate to contact us back! 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Bluefin tuna is possible to catch in this area for whole year. In Mediteran it´s also well know as Red tuna with avarage weight from 50 till 70 kg, but there is also exampels from 100 till 300 kg. In Mediteran  the largest so far caught is with 600 kg, in Atlantic with Tona, and record in Adriatic see is 475 kg. It is important to mentioned that the fishing seasons mostly depend on the sea temperature, the concetrate of small blue fish and the salinity.

The best time for hunting

19In Spring time ( March and April) is the time when Little tunnies are coming. They are moving in the shoals, avarage weight  is 10 till 15 kg. Little tunnies is very interesting fish, it is very careful fish and required a lot of effort to bite the hook. 

July  is ideal time for hunting a BLUEFIN TUNA with drifting tehnique. 65

August is time for fishing bluefin tunas, swordfish but also sharks. Sharks are lovers of good beit and warm see.

Albacore tunas are coming half of august and they are staying on this area till October. They are also moving in shoals , with avarage weight from 10 till 18 kg. Albacore is very sport fish like Blufin tuna they doesn´t have any fear, and the best way for hunting them is with tehnique Troling.

It´s everyone´s dream to catch a large fish, but big game fishing is unpredictabel until the last minute. You need to have patience and be ready for action ! The final results depend on the whole team. The richest area for big game fishing is open sea near the island of Blitvenica and the Kornati islands.



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This year in Jezera, Island Murter 


from 04.09till 07.09.2019.


CIMG0597 SmallBig game fishing is fishing techniques aimed at catching large fish, mostly the blue-fin tuna, the swordfish and sharks .

Since 1999. Big Game Fishing competition is organized in Jezera – Island Murter. Co-organizer and inciatives of this competition is the Sport-Fishing organization from Jezera „PUNTA RATA“. Big Game Fishing is held under strict regulations by the International Fish Association (IGFA). Punta Rata is the only organization in Croatia that organizes a Big Game Fishing contest. And is the only Croatia club with a membership in the International Fish Accociation (IGFA), which allows the winner a qualification for IGFA Championship. This tournament in Jezera entered in the 165 qualifying events under the patronage of the IGFA association around the world. „Punta Rata“ organizing other events in the sport fishing and also engaged in education of young people on this type of sport.

Big game fishing techniques The different techniques can be combined to maximize your chances of hooking the big one!

Techniques include trolling artificial and natural baits, and chumming from a stationary or drifting boat. Trolling is a method of big game fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn slowly through the water, behind the boat. Trolling is the most popular and effective way to find and hook most types of big game fish and it is most effective with live bait. The type of bait will depend largely on which type of fish you are hoping to hook. If live bait is unavailable, we will use a lure designed to resemble live bait.62

Drifting , Chumming, or chunking, is the process of throwing pieces of bait fish overboard to attract larger game fish. Chumming works best with highly predatory big game fish like sharks, but will produce results for most species of big game fish.

Inquiry for COMPETITION in Jezera -  let see what you can catch

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